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A slim-line design to work even in limited space applications.

The S-2 is a 2-inch tall aluminum casting that mounts under Standard Holley Carbs.

Exclusive Primary Adjustment allows you to tailor the ratio of primary to secondary blade angle with 3 adjustment holes. This is very important as it allows you to tune your CFM reduction to your combination (high gear stop, 2 Stage Timer, 4 Stage Timer, leave closed then open or leave open then close immediately).


  • Bushing on throttle shafts for long life and repairability
  • Seals on shafts to eliminate vacuum leaks
  • Heavy duty solenoid with internal spring and rubber boot to keep dust and dirt from fouling mechanism
  • Exclusive Primary Adjustment
  • Exclusive Stop Adjustment Knob
  • Safe, nothing connected to your throttle linkage

The Exclusive Stop Adjustment Knob is divided into 10 divisions (makes it easier to use throttle control programs from your weather computer because computers have trouble with "flats".) It also has a marker to let you know what "turn" the stop is set so you never lose track or have to measure.

Works well with gasoline or alcohol.