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Shop online or call 563-324-1046

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A Dominator Stop patterned after the 2-piece insulator-style.

This 1-piece, all-aluminum stop is perfect for open engine bays (dragsters and Altereds etc.)

With an easier to adjust "Micro Adjustment Knob," and a new low price, the DA-6PK can be a big part in your winning combination.

Exclusive Primary Adjustment allows you to tailor the ratio of primary to secondary blade angle with 3 adjustment holes. This is very important as it allows you to tune your CFM reduction to your combination (high gear stop, 2 Stage Timer, 4 Stage Timer, leave closed then open or leave open then close immediately).


  • Dyno tests show up to 7HP above 6500 over straight bore Stops
  • 02 remain consistent at lower Stop RPMs
  • Users report .20 to .40 numbers less on Stop times
  • Better Carb signal when on the Stop
  • TPS Switch can be added at a later time

The Exclusive Stop Adjustment Knob is divided into 10 divisions (makes it easier to use throttle control programs from your weather computer because computers have trouble with "flats".) It also has a marker to let you know what "turn" the stop is set so you never lose track or have to measure.

* When ordering a dominator stop please specify 2" or 2⅛" bore.