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Maximize your Delay Box functionality.

The Starting Line Relay Board, allows any Delay Box to control both the Line Locks and the Transbrake together at the starting line.

When used with a Mega 450/475 the Line Locks and Transbrake can be used together at the starting line without the need to use the SFO output. This allows the SFO output to be used for one of its other functions, like the SLE.


  • Works with any Delay Box
  • Input for Backup Pushbutton for vehicles that need to apply the Transbrake for reverse
  • Input for Burn-out Pushbutton allows only the Line Lock to be engaged for the burn-out
  • Does not add any delay to release of Transbrake or Line Locks
  • Simplifies wiring
  • Isolates the Burn-out and Launch signals for the ignition box
  • Yellow status LEDs to when the outputs are supplying power
  • Red status LED to indicate Delay Box Transbrake output is on


  • Overall Size: 4" x 2"
  • 12 and 16 Volt compatible
  • 2 Push-button inputs
  • All outputs are rated at 15-amps