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Shop online or call 563-324-1046

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Choose from three industry-leading Switch Panel products.

Our base model Switch Panel is sleek and compact. Each output has its own fuse with push-on spade plugs to speed up wiring, and a 50-amp total load-rating - the highest current rating for any stand alone switch panel.

Elite Mega Panel offers same performance and reliability of our Mega Panel with the addition of our Elite Relay Board.

Elite Mega Dial Panel is an all-in-one solution that combines the Mega Dial Panel controller, and a display board, with our industry-leading Elite Relay Board relay board, and a wire kit.

Elite Mega Panel and Elite Mega Dial Panel are powered by our easy-to-use Elite Relay Board which features all fuses in a single line for easy viewing; output indicators aligned with the terminal strip; all selection switches on the same board end; and color-coded & labelled wires.